Sunday, September 23, 2007


New arrivals of 11s, 15s, 8s and Delica beads are posted on my website. Some of them are not pack yet, cos me have forgotton to order the tubes to pack beads. Sorry, sorry but only 2/3 colours left =)

100gm are available at the shop - 15% off retail price. You don't get the square tube, they are packed in a big round bottle =)

Wholesale pack are on request, I don't keep stock of these. They are 35% off retail and in original pack from suppliers. Please order at the shop and pay a 50% deposit. Usually takes about 2 weeks to arrive.

I had made some changes to my website due to time constrain, I am unable to keep track of all beads colour and availablility. So I will only post the new colours/sizes/types that just arrived at the shop.

I have shut down the Yahoo groups, too. Noticed that some of you may like to have the privacy of bead themselves or busy with work. As usual I will just send the regular email/sms.

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