Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm back from holidays ! Enjoy myself with lots of shopping and eating. Ha Ha! I put on 2 kgs =)

Here is some of the unusual stuff I bought for myself.

Bedroom slipper is so sweet and the big mouth bag is pretty =D

Had Swensen's ice-cream, it's so much cheaper than Sin, only 69 baht for this one !


jules said...

Did u really put on 2kgs? U didn't seem to have eaten so much mah.. I could have stuffed more food too usually when on holiday but the weather was just too hot... I like your bag and slippers too and dreaming of cheap Swensen's now, hehe.

Shirley Lim said...

Yes, got put on. Now some pants cannot wear, must dig out the bigger ones. Stomach so big, aiyo! Lucky I bought loose-fitting dresses this round. Sin also bad weather, got running nose =( How about we go Bangkok every year ? Ha Ha can't imagine if the whole bunch of us go ?????