Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ever since I decided to close my bead shop in Jan 08. The same question has been put forward to me for so many times. Comments was given - good, bad .....?????

A bit tired and sad with the questions, answer and feedback given.

Let's say that I once own a shop but it doesn't mean that I can't have back my life. With a shop, yes, I'm happy but at the same time, I'm losing lots of things in my life.
1. not much time with my son
2. not much private time for beading
3. can't create/design new workshops

I have decided to work from home, being able to see my son, work at my own time. Private beading hours and making new things has make me more relax, concentrate better.

As to why I want to close my shop is actually a very personal question. Reasons as to rental, working hours, teaching, and many more.......

So, please no more questions. Thank you appreciate it (",)

You need materials - go to my website =
You need help, got a question - email (shirley[at] or sms me

I am really tired of teaching, need a rest for the time-being. How long ? Am not sure.

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