Thursday, July 17, 2008


At last I've finished my necklace ! Wow......
Not too bad, pretty easy to make (quoted from Mei Lin, a member of the Bead Fanatic Club)

Can't wait to make one for yourself ? It's in the August 2008 Bead & Button magazine on page 46. Designed by Hatsumi Oshitani from Japan.

I'm not a black colour fan, because black and white are not colours to you. But tried my hands with these colours and the result is not to bad =D

I used 7 colours of 11s, 3 and 4mm of Swarovski crystals, 15s and charlotte cuts beads. The result is simply fabulous ! I love it. Next round = no black again, a bit boring. I still love colours, pink or purple maybe .......

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Chrisbeads said...

Beautiful work, Shirley. Looks even better in this colour, I think.