Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 IS ENDING SOON .....

Happy New Year !

2009 is just a 3 days away !

Looking back the 12 months of 2008, time seems to tick so fast ! Seems like yesterday was just the beginning of 2008.
2008 is pretty exciting for me ! Let's see : close shop, move house, got myself a new job, beadwork being featured in magazine, teaching at the Swarovski road show. Wow ! Been busy the whole year ..... time for a break = lets bead !
Plans for 2009 ......
1. Get beading article featured in the magazine
2. Bead Dreams ?? No inspiration yet =(
3. Get more members in bead club, now we have 10 (maybe we should stop at 10, nice number of beaders, think can have 2 more to make it a dozen)
4. Juggling between beading, crochet, knitting and maybe sewing...... (Oops! forgot that I have to go to work on the weekdays) and most important housework !
5. Bless myself with good eye sight, bead faster, knit faster and crochet faster....... and type faster....... on the keyboard !
So here me wishing everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Blessed with luck (we all need that in this bad times) with our work and family !

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