Thursday, December 18, 2008


Here's wishing everyone a blessed Xmas ! All the best for the New Year !
As the lunar new year is just a month away from Xmas, I will be busy spring cleaning my flat, digging into my boxes of beads (am sure to find more beads that I have long forgotton) and re-packing them nicely (dust, dust go away !) Hoping to pack my beads, yarns, needles, tools, thread, books, working table more neatly.
I am a very untidy beader, when a project/projects is in process.... I have my tray in front of my computer desk. Crochet needles used as book mark while crocheting and laying in my living room.... should post a picture of my untidy work space =)
New Year's resolution : more organised, neater ? Do not be greedy, 1 project at a time =( Do not shop so often (beads shopping). To start birthday and Xmas present earlier so as not to rush them through .... hee hee

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