Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's has been a while since I bead. Almost 4 weeks away from beads had me thinking whether I can stay from them forever ??
The reason of staying away was that Lunar New Year is coming soon, 26 Jan 2009 (less than 2 weeks from now) and I have not done in cleaning my house ...... Oh mind !
Lunar New Year is very different from the New Year (1 Jan). It is celebrated by Chinese round the globe. It starts on the first day of the lunar calendar and ends on the 15th.
On the eve of the Lunar New Year or commonly known as Chinese New Year (CNY) in Singapore we have our reunion dinner. The whole family which includes mum, dad, brothers, sisiter, nieces and nephew have to be home for dinner. Traditionally speaking, reunion are held at the husband's family.
The first day of CNY will be dressing in my new clothes (hmmm... I have all greys this year), visiting my in-laws first then my parent's place. Red packets are given to those young children, teenage and young adults (who are not married). If you are married, then you have to give out the red packets. Red packets symbolises good luck.
No sweeping of floor - will sweep the bad luck away.
No breaking of glass - inauspicious, bad omen for the whole year .....
No using of scissor and knife......
I think the housewives of the past just wanted days off their regular duties =D
Let me work hard for the next few days and then ya ! CNY
But I can mingle with my job ...... I love beads and I am back to beading ..... Ya!

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