Saturday, February 21, 2009


Was overwhelmed with joy when I received these books from the Fedex delivery! Flipping through them was really oh mind! They are my new favourite for the time-being as I am supposingly to be working on my bracelet from the Bead & Button magazine but I don't think I will be able to concentrate .....

This new book from Diane is simply ...... fabulous! My fingers are itching to just try any of the projects inside. But then .... getting the materials for the projects, ok got to crack my head again =D

This book by Judy Walker is really detailed. Before I get hold of the book, was always wondering how to get the beads right to make the shape I wanted. Now I know ! Heavy book .......

Although this book has no instructions inside but looking at all the great bead artist works, gives me so much more inspiration to work hard. Wish that 1 day will get my work published in there !

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