Saturday, March 28, 2009


Finished this bangle about 2 weeks ago, was too busy with beading and sorting out paperwork that I've forgotton to upload it ......
I've used the 2.5mm 5301 Swarovski crystal and the multi-coloured yarns (complimentary from Fujix, Japan) to crochet this beautiful bangle. I'm loving it (^_^) !
Lovely yarn to use, goes well with the Swarovski but not the 11s. I've choosen the Crystal colour beads to see through the yarn. Here's the yarn that I have used on the bangle.
The bangle looks pretty to have it on Ghoulish's neck (if he has one ...hee hee!), the new owner of Blinglicious Bangle!


jules said...

This looks very nice, please show me the next time we meet, have to appreciate it in person :-)

Shirley Lim said...

Sure no problem, bring a pair of sun glass along, just in case it's too glaring.... (*_*)