Sunday, April 26, 2009


WiiFit ! A birthday gift from my boy, was delighted to see the box laying in the living room and the best was that it was already opened; my son was playing with it. =( I didn't get the chance to open my brithday present ..... I love to open present!

The Wii was given to me just 5 days before my birthday. Great present, not too bad ! My hubby brought me to Hans for dinner on birthday eve but the food tasted awful, yucks... never going to go back that branch!

This is my favourite food, chillies crab! Best of all, he cooked it for me, yummy .. yummy ..! Too much, can't finish.... no; I can't waste it, finished everything of it =)

Yukari sent me a present, all the way from Yokohama! This time I get to open my package, so nice of her to remember my special day! I love Japanese crackers, the wrapper and the goodies inside, yah! Oh! I forget to take a pic of the scarf she sent along. Will post it another day then...

Looks lovely and nice to eat! I love it, thanks Yukari!

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jules said...

Your boy is very smart, bought mummy something which he can play too, haha! Yes, i think some Hans branches are worse than others. Just had lunch with my colleague last Fri at the Great Eastern building one that we always go to, still ok. Anyway, nothing can compare to your hubby's homecooked food lah. If he ever has inspiration for a big cooking session again, please invite us to enjoy his food, hehe...