Monday, June 15, 2009


Doll making ?? I love working with needle and thread but to stitch a doll from socks is something which I had tried and am loving it (",)
The little fella up above is named "tua tao" because of the head. Real super big as compared to Nana's shown below ....
Nana from had her Fabric Fun World Stage Dolls Exhibtion 2009 at MAAD just last 2 weeks. I was "crazy" in love with her dolls and decided to try my hands at making my own.
With Nana's patience, and a four hours of sitting at the cafe. I finished the dolls without "poking" my fingers (I'm an expert at needle working, yah!).
Thank you Nana! Here's her BLOG


jules said...

haha, u can make me a doll next time...if u feel like it lah ;-P

Shirley Lim said...

Heh, heh ... make you a big head one ??