Saturday, August 08, 2009


It had been a while since I last done a design from the Bead & Button magazine. I love bracelet and this design catch my eyes when the magazine arrives at my place. This issue arrived in a pretty special way, it was left on my gate rather than in my mail box.... lucky for me that my neighbours are not interested in beading =)

This design calls for 8s and RAW (right angle weave). I choose a pink/mauve colour theme since it's one of my favourite! Although RAW it's one of my least favourite stitch, I manged to finish it =D
Browse into the August 2009 Bead & Button magazine on page 69 to make this fabulous design by Barbara Klann.
No more bracelet for the time being as I'm busy with new workshops design (look out for them soon!) and Teachers' Day is just another 3 more weeks .... got to hurry to make gifts for them as it's my son last year in St Andrew Sec School. 'O' level approaching soon .... (-_-") mummy is stress!


Anamcara said...

Great work. Looks lovely. My best regards to beautiful Singapore.

Shirley Lim said...

Thanks Anamcara, your work is beautiful!