Monday, September 21, 2009


I am one of those lucky lady to have her own room for beading. Book shelves packed with books, magazines, kits and instructions. Trays and boxes of beads, thread, findings .... but then how messy can my workroom be ?? I had to work in this messy room for the last 10 days as my boy was rushing to finish his O level Art and prep work to be submitted on 22 Sept.

Camera stand, paper cutter, printed photos, A2 board, files .....  So messy (*_*")
This was just behind my work table.

My work desk, with my half done instructions, beads lying around, checking emails..... A messy sight when new design is under construction =) Love it cos it shows that I'm really working ! I have a very little space to move about the last few days.

This little black box is the completed O level Art work ready to be submitted tomorrow. I'm not supposed to show what's inside this little black box as it will be sent to the Ministry for marking. Good luck to my boy!

I will load the content of the black box and his prep work later the year, come back and check with he has done, thank you for dropping my!

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