Thursday, December 17, 2009

'O' level Art

This post is for my son who did his 'O' level Art this year. He had already finished his project way back in November. This little black box was submitted to the examination board along with 7 big A2 board which I managed to take photos before it's gone!

This set of printed cards was in the black box along with a set of colour pencils, I forgot to snap the content inside =(

Before he managed to finish his work, my room was in a mess for couple of weeks with paper cutter, strips of rubbish, to be finished board. This 'Art' project "killed" his and my desktop. We have since learnt our lesson ... Now he has a new desktop and I have a new iMac (good excuse to buy new gadgets!)

Most of the photos he used were took by him with some from the internet and his friends. Proper credits were given. He used his Canon D50, edited them with Photoshop.

My Epson printer is a great tool, still in good condition after his awesome project. It's already more than 6 years old (^_^)

It's a bit too small to appreciate the prints but mummy was truly amazed with his work! He was already a great photographer when he was a child using mummy's camera. Want to see more of his work, check it out here.

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Anonymous said...

Its amazing, how much did he get in the end?