Friday, January 14, 2011


Feeling awesome that my son's Christmas present was featured in Finnish newspapers, Nyt. Although I do not understand what is written ... but I'm just feeling happy :D

I have used google chrome o translate the online version of the article of Angry birds article, here it is : 

Article by Annti Peltonen J.

The question is brief but topical: What was the year 2010 an internationally significant event in Finnish?

Sofi Oksanen breakthrough?  Kallasvuo fired? The guy who in the summer bang Mini Hanko Kuusamo?

No, no and no.
Over the past year was the very thing Angry Birds , Rovio, developed by a Finnish mobile game, which has been downloaded around the world for more than 50 million times.
Authoritative Time Magazineeven opted Angry Birdsin the year 2010 as the second best video game in the world. Listing number one was, of course, the Finnish Remedy's Alan Wake .
But where Alan Wake is a model example of masterful screenwriting, isAngry Birds plot as a simple boot.
Pigs are stealing birds' eggs, birds get angry. Follow the epic battle that addictive than Paula Koivuniemi Mature woman , and apparently will never end.
No wonder that the Angry Birdsistä has become an international mega-hit.
The newest phenomenon is the AB-art.
It can be found online in various possible forms.
There are watercolors, oil paintings, illustrations and drawings. Is 80's retro birds, 90-recession in pigs, and built out of Lego 2000s hipsteriangrybirdsejä. Some artists have created characters in anorexics, and others inflated the birds läskeiksi. Maybe that's why there is also the AB kermaleivoksia and birthday cakes. And of course the bird and pig costumes, which can be used even butchers.
Also, moving the AB-art can be found. Particularly interesting is the Israeli TV series Eretz Nehederetissä originally presented in the Angry Birds Peace treaty " sketch, which has been viewed on YouTube already three million times.
Sketch the birds and the pigs sitting at a table and try to resolve the "conflict that has already claimed millions of innocent lives." Is mediated by the English in a French accent speaking man. The former is correct, then accelerate at least, at some point we again agree with, but eventually it all ends in disaster. And the game continues.
Angry Birds -spin global markets is also understood in Espoo, Finland, where to keep konttoriaan game developer Rovio. I wonder what there tuumataan online dispersible AB indie art?
"I would never have expected anything like this. It is simultaneously completely overwhelming and very exciting to see the game's characters have found their way into the hearts of the fans," says lead designer James Lisalo.
Her haaveissaan loom already Angry Birds movies, but so far Rovio web site are sold only T-shirts and stuffed animals.
They appear ok, kamalta, but mass production is always a mass-production.
Singapore, craft artist Shirley Lim, 42, instead made a 17-year-old son for Christmas bird, is just one of a kind piece. How long does it last?
"Not long, less than a day. The material is cotton, suede, and of course fleecekangasta padding," Lim says.
But why is warlike bird?
"My son Guo Hao wanted to just red and white bird. He showed me a picture and I did. "
Angry Birds seems to be quite popular there as well in Singapore?
"Apparently. My son plays at least a daily basis. I have myself tried it, but I'm playing bad. Addictive it is. When you start, it's hard to stop."
That's it!
You may wish to read the online version here :


jules said...

Well done, Shirley, u have made us all very proud of u! Singapore was mentioned in the article because of u :-)

Shirley Lim said...

Thanks ! :D

Des said...

its very pretty, tho i do not play angry bird games..i wonder, how did they even know abt ur angry bird amigurumi??

Des said...

Very pretty angry bird amigurumi =) long did it take u to come up with the pattern? How did they even come to know abt ur angry bird plushie?