Sunday, July 17, 2011


My Angry Birds' family was featured in the Finnish newspapers and I have the text translated by Google translate :
HUMAN concentration and alertness differently affecting the AB-Virus Angry Birds of fever is not hot weather.  Despite the show of abating signs. 

In particular, in June was a Finnish company Developed by Rovio hit game intoxicating. first, the angry the birds were visible in the popular hospital series Grey's Anatomy. Then AB joined the fan club of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who thinks that Angry Birds offers the world's policy makers and other officials nice a little busy in their free time. But far from the South-East Asia Angry Birds and the crazy-counter are thus being, albeit a very sympathetic way.
Now, Helsingin Sanomat reported attachment December, Singaporean Shirley petfood, which was knitted his son a stuffed animal Red Bird-bird. It was only the beginning, for a few days ago Lim announced that he had completed entire Angry Birds stuffed animal series.
Certainty due to Mrs. Lim had made a Red Bird-bird a couple of different versions. And the bluish bird was said to have beenknit twice because the first time Piyo color had been too tepid. new AB collection of Mrs. Lim will of course, donate to his son. The time it took a mere handicraft works seven months. ABhulluja those in Singapore.
article by Antti Peltonen, J.

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Wow, u are really going international, friend :) Well done and keep it up!