Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Southern Ridges

What is family day ? Out shopping, catch a movie or take a walk in the park ?

My family had a tired but interesting walk through the Southern Ridges. We started with the Marang Trail (which is just behind the Harbourfront MRT Station) uphill towards Mount Faber. I was almost breathless half-way through but manged to walk up =D

Through Faber Walk towards Henderson Waves.

This fan-shaped tree was captured while I was on Henderson Waves.

Was actually planning of stopping after the Henderson Waves but was curious what lies ahead, so we made our way towards Forest Walk. And cross the Alexandra Arch and stopped for the day. Took a bus to Ikea and have our dinner there. Yum, yum chicken wings again (",)

Senior Lim and Junior Lim was way ahead of me. Poor Shirley was trying hard to stay with them.
My legs are aching right now =( but feeling more fresh today !


jules said...

Actually, i am very lucky to have the southern ridges right at my doorstep. I should kick my own butt and try to go walk more often :-) but the weather here is sometimes really very discouraging. *hot hot hot*

Shirley Lim said...

I went there on Sat afternoon arnd 4pm, not that bad. But the sun was still bright and shining. It's good to have some sun since we all work in office from Mon to Fri.
Try going there in the morning, not so bad =D