Sunday, July 06, 2008


Finally, I finished my Raspberry Vine Necklace last evening. Decided to name it Raspberry b'cos of the bright pink gemstone beads that I'm using. Since my theme colour is reddish pink with red jasper pinch beads, light rose AB 2X and Siam AB 2X swarovski beads.

Very happy with my necklace and was hesitating that 1 pendant was too lonely. But not too bad cos I'm small build (a little over 5ft) and still trying hard to loose some weight =D.

Got to finish on hand work before embarking on new project. Bead Fanatic Club will be making Swirling Sun for our 12 Jul meeting. Have not decided what colour to use yet. Hmmmm........ check back and see what I'm what to (",)

Have a nice weekend and I've got to get back to my housework !


Conlins Creations said...

That is simply beautiful! I love the colors and design! What talent!

retrothreads said...

What a beauty ! I love the way it turned out.

triz said...

Great colour... I'm so jealous... i tried to do something similar and my bezalelling left a lot to be desired... yours is beautiful!! :-)

Shirley Lim said...

Thank you for your compliments, pink has always been one of my favourite color =D You got to try it out to see the beauty of your own work, don't you beaders agree ?

Sylvie said...

Shirley, this is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!