Friday, July 04, 2008


Attended the Swarovski, Train-the-Trainer program at their office yesterday. A tiring day from 9.30am till 6.30pm with very intensive program throughout the whole day.
Love the crocheted necklace "Nido Exotico" by Tanja and I did a thicker necklace. Viola! Am so proud of it cos this is my first attempt on wire crochet as I never like wire =(
But you never know, I am falling in love with it now =)
The classes went on to wire-wrapping, again by Tanja. Gluing of crystal on picture frame (love the crystal more than the frame, HEE HEE!), Aquiline Chain, Square Pendant (this was a breeze, with mono-filament AKA fishing line) and lasting crochet bracelet.
The next meeting with Swarovski will be in August 21, which is 6 weeks from now. Before that, I will have to submit my own design(draft) for review by 24 July (3 weeks from now).
Seems to have a busy schedule this month !
Time to rush off to work and back home this evening to finish off my Vineyard necklace =D

Picture on the left (Nido Exotico) was taught by Tanja M. Shadow and on the right crocheted bracelet was taught by instructor from Austria.

Picture on the left (Wire-wrapped pendant) was again taught by Tanja M. Sadow and on the right (Aquiline Chain) was taught by instructor from Austria.

Square Pendant (left) and picture frame will both taught by the instructor from Austria.
Not sure whether the design is available at Create-Your-Style website, will browse into it during the weekend. Will try and take clearly pictures of the work I've done and touch-up on the crocheted bracelet (loops too small, my crystal can't get through) and Aquiline Chain (doesn't sit nicely, so curly-wurly).

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Anonymous said...

hey new craft, very interesting. I like the crocheted necklace and the wrap pendent. Difficult to make?

Teng Chin