Monday, November 03, 2008


Token of appreciation from the Winter Queen after the roadshow ! Yum, yum .... chocolate as appreciation =)

Ms Caroline from Swarovski Singapore & Mr Ayumu from Swarovski Japan. Mr Ayumu was here to demonstrate the gluing and crochet technique.
A small world that I knew Mr Ayumu's crochet teacher, Ms Sonoko. He was sent by her to bring me message ! (The photo only show his upper body, his pant looks great with the Swarovski crystal !)
Sook Ying from Bead Hub conducting her workshop @ our booth.

Our booth @ Suntec City. The group of helpers for the first half of Nov 1. Thank you so much for helping out, without them ..... Sook Ying and me will not be able to concentrate on our workshop =D Sending hugs out from here !

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