Saturday, October 03, 2009


This "finger-shape" thing swimming in the water was a mole from my back ... I decided to have it removed 2 weeks ago as it was getting in the way. It was on my back for at least 20 years, have been piggy-backing it.

It looks like a super BIG blackhead from my face!

I have the procedure done at National Skin Centre which took the doctor less than 30 minutes to have it punched out and closed it up with 4 stitches.

During the first night, sleeping on my back was awaken with pain in the middle of the night. Luckily the pain slowly goes away. For 2 weeks, I was not able to bend, carry heavy things and washing my hair was terrible!
I have to lived with the 4 stitches for the past 2 weeks. As my skin is SUPER sensitive and have a plaster over the wounds is terrible for me. Rashes was developed over time and I was trying to scratch it... made it worst!
Yah! The stitches was removed yesterday and wound is healing nicely except rashes all round it due to the long hours of covered plaster... It's going to take couple of weeks before my back will be back to normal (^___^)

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