Saturday, October 10, 2009


Now that Ott-Lite has a rechargable battery powered lamp, I was eager to try it out as it so convenitent! I can bring my lamp round the house without searching for a power socket point. I can even bring it for my workshops at Bead Hub. No more trying to see the needle eye under those spotlight....
It's much heavier than the original lamp, just need to charge it and it can be used up to 3 hours. And the price is much more, too..... =(

This shoot was taken in the evening when I'm beading in my studio, my favourite spot of the house =)

I have been happily been using my ott-lite lamp for the past 8 years (I think... ) It's has been my most good friend when I'm beading in the night and even day time when the light is not so good. I've even used it as artifical light for shooting some of my photos and it's daylight!

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